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The beauty of every artwork

I, Asish Das, am an sculptor settled at Vadodara for the last 30 years.
I would like to exhibit my works in your esteemed gallery . Towards this herewith, I’m providing you with a short synopsis of my work as well as my curriculum vitae. Below also find images of my work for your reference.
Having spent my childhood in a mofussil town, the inherent fervour particularly the culture, religion, language so interwoven with Nature around has always touched my life. The natural environment stands out amongst all this and has carved a special niche in my life. The simple ordinary person in everyday grind of life interacts with the natural environ omnipresent in that area and gives rise to a totally new genre all together.
Through my sculptures, I want to encapture the multifarious personalities that man adorns to do justice to his existence in sync with the natural providence he is gifted with.

our services

Bronze and Aluminum Casting

We are, at our heart, a traditional fine art bronze casting foundry. Our process includes rubber molding, ceramic shell, and lost wax casting. Our bronzes are then welded, chased and finished with the patina of your choice. We can create a range of sizes, from desktop to monumental.

3D Scanning, Enlarge-
ment and Reduction

With our state of the art laser scanning equipment, high detail scans are converted to code. Foam enlargements are then carved on our CNC router. Digital enlargements are a very efficient and extremely precise way of enlarging your model to its full commissioned size.

Metal Fabrication

Our specialty is the advanced integration of 3D digital scanning and digital modeling with plate metal fabrication techniques, including water jet cutting and precise rolling and metal forming. One of the keys is to use digital ‘unrolling’ methods to simplify the construction of three dimensional complex objects.


As a dealer for Matthews Architectural Products, we can also offer commemorative plaques with text, photographs and etchings as well.

Other Sculpture Services

In-House Sculpting Services– Many of our staff are artists themselves. If you need a sculpture for a public space, or a memorial for a loved one, we have artists that can do the job

Other Sculpture Services

Complete Installation Services– We can pack, ship and install your sculpture anywhere in the world. Let us handle the engineering for large bases, both stone, concrete and metal, cranes, logistics on the road and final details.

Our Master Work

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